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Harris4 aOwner posted Sep 8, 14

Community Night

Hedgehogartist Mod posted Dec 4, 13

Hey guys!

We will be hosting another Community Night! We'll be playing:



Friday, December 6th, 7:30PM! (EST)

You will need to download Steam as well as Warframe to play!
They are both free and signing up takes 5 minutes!

(After downloading, search for "Warframe" to download the game!)

Be sure to join our Mumble server so you can talk with us while we play!
No microphone? No problem, you can type in Mumble as well!

Mumble Server IP: east3.voice.enjin.com:60838

We hope to see you there!

Unrelated Update: Doesn't really need it's own post, the Point Shop is now open for use. karmaco.net/points

Server Opening

Harris4 aOwner posted Nov 24, 13
The RP/SMP server is going to open on Wednesday at 5PM EST. This is a 1.6.4 server currently, bukkit hasn't even released a dev 1.7.2 build yet so it may be a while till 1.7.2 comes out for servers. 

When you log on you'll spawn in a tutorial island in the roleplay world. Once you've completed the tutorial  quest you will have the choice to either: continue your RP adventure, or to use your masterbook to teleport to the SMP world and survive or build up a town.

Deva_Path Thanks!
Hedgehogartist Mod go to edit profile and change the version under change version. It's about 2/3 of the way down.
Deva_Path I updated to 1.7 on accident, could someone tell me how to go back to 1.6.4?
Our FTB-Unleashed server has changed to the "Infamy" modpack, per popular vote!
In order to play you will need to do the following:
  1. Download the FTB Launcher (If you haven't already!)
  2. Go to the ModPacks tab and scroll down until you see the Infamy pack (It's far down, so just keep scrolling!)
  3. Launch the game with the modpack selected and connect to "infamy. karmaco.net"!
What is the Infamy modpack?
It is very similar to the Voltz (or Ampz) modpack with the exception of a PVP-Oriented selection of mods, so PVP and Griefing is ALLOWED on the server! Hide your bases well, and use your resources sparingly! Also, there is NO /home! Your beds are your friends!
Sneppy Wish we could go back to Unleashed ): I was planning on getting my own Unleashed server going but gotta buy Christmas pr ...
Freeman If infamy won't work go get it through the Technic launcher. FTB seems to break Infamy half the time.
GreaserBoy I actually got really pumped for playing on the ftb server for once. But I cant get the infamy pack to work on neither ...
Hey! We're back :d
Is that realy such a bad thing, good friends just stick to each other that way I guess.
This website is still getting a decent amount of hits regardless of the fact there's no server and barely anyone plays MC~ the community just loves each other too much
Advertising! vv Somestaff should ban that guy!
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